Can we put Finish-to-Start 2 jobs


I want to be able to scheduling multiple job back to back. As the Finish-to-start option for operation.
So if I reschedule the first job each others will too.


Hi Vincent,

The Finish-to-Start is only for operations within the same job. What it means is that you must finish all parts for that operation so that you can start the next operation on the job. The other options are Start-to-Start and Finish-To-Finish. Start-to-Start means that you can start the second operation on the job once the first operation has been started. Finish-to-Finish means that you must finish all prior operations to finish the final operation.

Are you working with jobs that have multiple operations within the job and you want to schedule one of the same operations within each job to run back-to-back not based on the other operations in the job? For that, you might want to look at some of your tools for the Multi-Resource Scheduling Board.

thank you.

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