Can you serial track in one site but not another in the same company?

We have been serial tracking since we started Epicor in 2020. The track serial numbers checkbox appears on the main part detail tab. When that is checked, we have always assumed and had it function the way where all sites in that part record are serial tracked due to that part setting. If you serial track a part, it is company wide and not site by site basis.

Today a support person was tellling me I had an issue with a serial number because it might be tracked in one site but not another. He was unable to show me where in the site detail you could choose to not serial track by site. But he said that is the functionality.

Am I missing something or was he mistaken? I’d be interested to know why you would go through the effort to serial track a part if you don’t always serial track it?

Here’s the option in site maintenance. I haven’t messed with serial numbers before, so I don’t know how it would work, but it’s a site by site setting.

I am familiar with that setting. We serial track at least one part in all sites so that is set to full serial tracking in each site maintenance. What confuses me is at the part level. If you track serial numbers in each site, can you set it to only track serial numbers for a certain part in a certain site? That is what the support person was trying to tell me which I have never heard of before.

Yeah, that’s all I got. I didn’t see the site setting for part either. The support person was probably thinking about the site wide setting and got confused.

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I agree. I’ve only ever known it as a Part setting (not PartPlant).

I always thought it odd that the same part can have different formats in different sites, but that’s another matter.

No you cannot

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When we first loaded our parts to go live with Epicor we accidentally had different formats. It caused major issues for us until we synced them up. I can’t remember exactly what the issue was. i just remember it was very painful and I had to run a DMT to fix it behind the scenes.