Cannot create new task agent Service

Error message : The task agent service has already been registered with this server the allowed number of times…

How do I resolve it?

thank you in advance

In E10.1 there can only be three taskagent configurations associated to one database; in E10.0 there can only be one taskagent per database.

Which version of Epicor ERP are you currently on and how many existing taskagent configurations are in use against this database?

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Dear Nathan,

Thank you for your reply.
The version is 10.1.400
I cloned the database server from old VM and deleted task agent in the application server.
I think it don’t have task agent connect this database.

Thank you so much,

Execute the following against your database

delete from ice.extserviceregistration where serviceid='TaskAgentService'

and you should be able to register a new taskagent configuration afterwards.


Dear Nathan,
I fixed it.
Thank you so much. :smile:


Thank you aidacra… :ok_hand: