Cannot get the value from the UD field in SSRS

A UD_field which appear in Epicor does not appear in the SSRS. The dataset contain that field but no value come out in the report.

But it appear in Epicor…

But when I generate report, it does not have value.

Any idea, Thank you

Have you checked to see that the query for your dataset has that field in the select statement?

You go to the data set in your ssrs report and then right click and look at the query. See if you can find that field in the select statement.

I checked query, and it is not right, It should be T2 instead of T1. Problem solved.

However, does this mean biding the table in data definition is not correct? Why it doesn’t generate right query?

Thank you uTaylor

I can’t say for sure why it didn’t work, maybe someone else can.