Cannot import MES customization

I am getting this error message when trying to import a MES customization.


Has anyone seen this error and know how to fix it?

Regards, John Fellows

I just checked, and, I am still able to import from the ā€˜Customization Maintenanceā€™ Screen. But, I cannot import directly from the MES when in developer modeā€¦

did you resolve this problem? I have same situation with Quote Entry form customization. Absolutely same error message

I donā€™t know why it happens, but I think I had to use the solution workbench to export it in a cab file and then import it.

Try that or maybe do what John did and use customization maintenance?

Ok, I did use import/export (xml file). I need to try CAB

it works through Solution. thx

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No problem!

using /MESC launch option correct?