Cannot invoice - voided SO lines

We are not able to invoice a closed order that has a voided line on it. Is it possible to invoice a voided line or what needs to be done to invoice the order that is closed with an invoice line?

Is the order line voided, or are you talking about a shipment that was voided? I didn’t think you could void orders, just close them.

Kevin Simon

The order line status shows ‘voided’ and the order is showing as ‘closed’. There is only one line on the order and the line status is ‘voided’ and the order itself is closed.

You can’t invoice a voiced line.

Yes, that is our issue. What do we need to do? Is there a way to reverse the voided line so the order can be invoiced? How does a line get voided in the first place?

Voided sales order line is due to closing it without shipping it.
Actions / reopen line and release to “unvoid” it.
We “ship” some lines that aren’t physically shipped so that we can charge / invoice against it.

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You will have to reopen the order, line, and release. This will take it out of the voided status.
A line is marked as voided if it is manually closed and does not have any shipments against it.
Normally, when a shipment is made against a sales order line, and the shipment line is marked as “shipped complete”, it will automatically close the line and give it a status of “closed” as opposed to “voided”.

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