Cannot open a Receipt with wrong UOM

We are having an issue receiving one line of a PO. A receipt was created in Receipt Entry, when try to save, it gives the error “Cannot determine UOM class of UOM”. Now when we try to open the receipt to delete it, we get the same error message. The UOM is ‘each’, but it looks like someone received it as “Length”. Any ideas how we can delete this receipt?

Not sure of an exact solution… BUt I might be able to shed light on what happened.

This can happen if a PO is placed tor a POTF (Part On The Fly - meaning no Part master entry exists), and then a part master entry is created with a UOM Class that doesn’t contain the UOM specified on the PO.

Also complicating things are if the POTF was also on an Order, and then was a BTO (Buy To Order) part on the PO. You run into similar issues opening the Order.

If you’re able, try deleting the part, followed by deleting the Receipt. Then update the PO with the desired UOM, and create the part entry.

Hi Mike,

One other idea if Calvin’s isn’t working. Any chance this is receipt of a subcontract? We have seen a bug where PO receipt is held up if it is a subcontract and lower level part is lot tracked and has lower level UOM different from parent UOM and is inspection required. I know, what are the chances? Anyway we had to unissue it from the job, back to inventory, receive subcontract PO then reissue lower level raw matl.


Thanks for the suggestions. This part is neither POTH or subcontracted. I may need to open a case with Epicor.

It must have been a POTF part for the PO. Otherwise the PO would have to specify a UOM in the UOM Class specified in the Part master.

That or someone changed the UOM Class in the part master, after the PO Line was created, but before it was saved. Pretty incredibly bad timing for that to happen.

What does the Part Tran History tracker show for the part? Specifically the UOM’s on the records.