Cannot ship inspected Sales Order BTO items

We do alot of buy to order lines on our sales orders, but we want to require inspection of what comes in before we ship. When we try to ship any SO BTO line that has been inspected, I get the error “Cannot ship more than received quantity for a buy to order release”.

When we do buy to order sales order lines that don’t require inspection, it works great. We don’t own Adv Matl Mgmt if that matters.

Has anyone else seen this error. We’re on 10.1.500.14.

John Gillenwater

Check the Receipt for a status of ‘Arrived’ rather than ‘Received’.

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thanks for the quick reply Matt, but they are all received. they’ve all been inspected also so there’s PUR-INS and INS-STK for all of the tests in Part Trx History.


I’ve seen the same behavior. If you purchase to inspection and then
inspection to stock it gives the same error in Shipment entry. If you
receive it to stock and then ship it no problem

It looks like it has to do with setting a link between the purchase to
stock transaction and the sales order. If you receive to inspection and
then put it in stock there is never a purchase to stock transaction

I have the same requirement so if I figure it out I will post the answer

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Either of you have any luck on this?
We just got this same situation this morning by mistakenly checking the Inspection Req’d box on the PO.

Hello Mike,

I believe Epicor fixed the issue in a later release of Epicor. I have not tested it yet, but there is a fix mentioned in the 10.600 release notes.

John Gillenwater

Thanks John.

Epicor confirmed that SCR#203133 exists and in the release for 10.1.500.22. Not sure what 600.x patch that is, but I suspect it’ll also be part of the 10.2.x release.

Looks like I got some patching to do :slight_smile:

Hello Mike,

On Release Notes for 10.1.600.5, SCR is 201709 - “Customer Shipment Entry - Unable to ship Buy To order quantity passed thru inspection”.

This is the fix I was referring to. Since I’ve not fired up my latest version for testing yet, I don’t know if it works.

I think support must have it listed twice or a slightly different issue.

John Gillenwater