Cannot use "Kinetic App" program type

When installing a customized Kinetic UI via a cab file, I am receiving this error: “Cannot use “Kinetic App” program type. Please make sure the Kinetic Preview Module is licensed and enable or the Kinetic feature flag is on.”

Any idea how to fix it?

You could try running this conversion routine?

Are you trying to create a Menu item in the cab too?

Yes - it is creating a menu item.

I will check to see if it has been run. (Cloud Services may have already run it) We have been working with support on this issue and we have had a hard time figuring it out.

That is probably the error. You have to use the Copy Menu to Current Company in Menu Maintenance to be able to set it to Kinetic App. If you take the menu out of the cab file, I bet it will work.

@tvoytko did you get this sorted? I’m running into the same error both with Solution Workbench and even just trying to do it manually.

I’m trying to install our first Kinetic customization after having it built in a dev environment, and I can’t seem to create a menu entry, neither in classic nor in the browser.

Yes, If I remember correctly, it ended up being a flag on the server. Cloud services had to fix it. I don’t remember the flag name.