Can't create PO for Outstanding OV QTY

Hello all,

We had a job that originally ran a production qty of approximately 2500 parts. Those parts were sent to OV and received back, thus closing the OV op. AFTER receiving OV parts back in, someone made an adjustment to the Production qty in the demand section of Job entry, roughly doubling the prod qty. Now we need to create a PO to ship out the outstanding qty, but we are unable to link it to the job. Is there any way to fix this or are we stuck because the parts were received and Epicor deemed the op complete before the qty adjustment occurred?

Here is the outstanding qty in demand:

Here is the OV op in question:

Here is my PO error:

Any insight would be awesome.



Can you mark an operation as not complete like you can for materials (Issued complete) ?

Perhaps the “Final Operation” and “Auto Receive” flags on Op 30 are messing you up.

Can you add another Operation - similar to Op 30, but for the Remaining Qty?

Just brainstorming …

It looks like you can’t change the Operation Complete flag – it’s grayed out in the List view on Job Entry and isn’t visible on the detail tab.

Final Op and Auto Receive shouldn’t affect the Complete flag as far as I’m aware. I agree with Calvin adding an Operation for the balance would let you cut a PO for the rest of the parts, but I don’t know how that will affect (average) costing, WIP, etc. without testing it.

Try to reverse the receipt.
Deselect the “Received All” check box in the receipt entry.