Can't delete part because Part_PartNum is blank

I found a rouge part that some how got created without a part number. I need to delete it but can’t click link to open in order to delete. Any ideas?



@James_Morris I would assume you could get a datafix for this from support.

Ok Thanks. I will put in a ticket.

Is your initial problem that you can’t load the part because there is no Hyperlink on the landing page? Can you open other part then, search and load the blank part number part (Then Delete)?

@James_Morris It is also possible there is a non printable character. If you copy the contents and paste into notepad++ and show all characters it may give you a clue.

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Yes. When I try to load with a blank part number it just goes back to the landing page.

I copied the contents to notepad++ but there was no hidden characters.

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I ran a fix in the “Data Fix Workbench” provided by EpiCare.

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