Can't delete unused configurator

I have a configurator that is not attached to any part. I want to delete it, but when I try, I get the error “Delete not allowed. Referenced by at least one Target Entity”. I can’t find anywhere this configurator is used or referenced. Does anyone know how to get it to delete?

I have been able to delete other configurators recently. This is the only one that won’t delete.

Did you use it on an order, quote or job? On the record creation side, is it part on the fly or create part and save inputs. If create and save inputs, from your message I think you did this but double check that rules don’t show a part attached to it.

On the record creation tab nothing is selected.
It hasn’t been used in an order or job. I deleted the quote that it was used in. Would it refuse to delete just because it was used in a quote?

The error is thrown if there are PcValueHead records with the same ConfigID, unfortunately I don’t know where these are shown or can be deleted.

Seems they are configurator inputs, but I’m not sure.

@Carol_Di - did you delete all the things related to the configurator? like Designer pages, Row Rules, UD Functions.

I was able to delete the inputs and rules, but not the entire configuration. I guess I’ll have to let it sit there.

You can join PcValueHead to PcValueGrp and filter on PcValueHead.ConfigID equal to the one you are trying to remove. This will return a row if a target entity is in use and then look at PcValueGrp.RelatedToTableName and you can see where it is used and use the RelatedToSysRowID to find the exact row in that target table (Quote, Job, etc.) and then remove the quote, job, etc if you can

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