Can't find traced business object method name in Method Directives

I’m trying to create a BPM that runs when the user clicks on the “Print” icon on Purchase Order Entry.
I turned on tracing with “Full Write Dataset” and only see one BPM that appears to have enough information:

    <parameter name="reportid" type="System.String"><![CDATA[POForm]]></parameter>

When I go to Method Directives and search for this method I have to check “System” to see the “Report” business object. But when I then search for the method directive there is nothing named “GetReportStyleRules” although there are some that are similar such as “GetNewReportStyleRule”.

Hi Michael,
Sorry I don’t have a solution to offer but just wanted to show that in 2022.2.8 that Method does appear in the list. The Method search dialog has changed a bit since 10.2.

Might be something to bring up to support.

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Not all methods are accessible from BPMs. The Report BO being one of them.

That similar sounding one is probably the in that fires in Report Style Maintenance

Thanks. I’ll push this back to the user and ask for a different action to trigger the BPM.

if you can wait until AFTER the po is printed, you can probably do a DATA BPM… I believe there is a field in the PO Header that tells you if / when the PO is printed.

Oh, interesting. Presumably that would only work if it was physically printed, or would a print preview / save was done?

I think that would work as long as the “print process” (print, preview, email, and maybe even just generate) was initiated.

An interesting test would be to schedule the print job for later, and see if that PoPrinted field gets set right away, or not until the scheduled task executes.