Can't invoice/ship

Hi all!

Came in Monday morning to a decent issue and as of this minute Epicor support has not found a resolution to this downtime situation - wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue? Thoughts on resolution? I’m guessing this is larger issue - but figure I’d throw it out here.

-All shipments from Friday appear to have shipped correctly - but don’t show up to invoice in Invoice Entry (lines in the SO all say “ready to invoice”).
-Shipments since Monday error out. Can save and print the packing list. The SO goes immediately into an “invoiced” state (but no invoice is created).
-A STK-CUS transaction is not created on the part.
-We did a customization update over the weekend. But those customizations aren’t related to any of the issues (per Epicor CSG team).

Fun times.

It sounds like the customization is causing the issue.

First question, can you disable the customization?
Did this happen during testing?
Do the orders show up on the Shipped not Invoiced Report?

I’ve seen this happen due to a customization and found the pack lines had an incorrect status. I wrote an UBAQ to fix the pack lines as per Epicor support’s direction.

Look at the Shipdtl.Invoiced field. if this is true, the get shipments will ignore this.

-Yes we did disable the customization - didn’t fix the issue or allow us to work around.
-No the issue didn’t happen in testing. Our test database is functioning fine after the update to it.
-The shipments do not show up on the ship not invoiced report (good question - I didn’t think of looking there).
-ShipDtl.Invoice indicates it’s invoiced. But there is not an associated invoice.

When we try and ship we get the error message "Packing Slip is not open. Cannot update

Just a small snip of the error:

There is a Save Shipment for Invoicing flag in company config which sets the pack as Invoiced without an invoice being created.

Can you turn on server logging and see if there are exceptions in the log?

Are the orders flagged as Invoice When Complete?

When using Get Shipments in invoice entry and using Manual Selection nothing comes up or the packs appear but not ready to invoice?

The exception you get is thrown when ShipHead.ShipStatus is different from Open or Freighted, haven’t seen it before.

Open the Pack Slip from Actons -> Open and then try. Check the Invoiced flag in ShipDtl. Is shipment transactions available in Part Transaction Inquiry?

-I believe Epicor support did turn on the logging - and there were no exceptions. We use them Epicor Support - as we don’t have an internal IT department.

-The SO’s lines are closed on the items shipped Friday and the lines are “ready to be invoiced” - but don’t show up to be invoice in Invoice Entry.
Shipments from Monday (and continue to today) in Customer shipment show “invoiced” but aren’t. The sales order on the line remains in “open” status and inventory has not been taken.

-When we get shipments in invoice entry - and using Manual Selection - nothing comes up to select.

@Jonathan I found the “save shipment for invoicing” and that’s not checked.

No shipment details in part transaction history. Line on the SO stays open - but customer shipment once processed immediately shows invoiced in customer shipment entry (but not on the SO).

It should be checked, this warning appears if I try to uncheck it. Can you confirm by comparing to your test environment which is working?


I just got off the phone with Epicor support and this is exactly the issue and solve the problem. Somehow it got unchecked in live. 2.25 days of pain…because of a very important check box.

Thank you! When reading your suggestion I didn’t realize it needed to be checked.

Thanks so much Jonathan!

I wasn’t even aware this option existed until a couple months ago when I read it somewhere on this forum, I didn’t know if it was supposed to be checked or not which is why I went to test it and saw the warning.

Glad it wasn’t something more obscure.

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There are few legacy flags in Company Maintenance like Save Shipment for Invoicing in AR, Save Receipts for Invoicing in AP, Allow Unbalanced Journal Manual Journal Entries, etc. I am not sure whether these are required. I used one sided journal in Vantage as occasionally posted unbalanced journal.