Can't move Jobs in Job Scheduling Board

We have a situation where we attempt to move a particular Job within the Job Scheduling Board, it doesn’t allow us to move it for some reason. The particular Job has yet to have any labor transactions or any other impact that would prevent us from moving it to another date within the schedule. What’s interesting is that we were able to move a few other jobs without any issue but can’t seem to define what the issue is for that particular job(s). We did notice that there were some inactive Resource references tied to some Operations so we adjusted/activated those but only fixed a handful of the problem jobs. We tried to adjust the related SO dates, rescheduled the jobs based on those changes, got mixed results. Need to determine what data elements / job status / other impacts are the culprit in order to move any job within the schedule going forward. Any relative information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

is the schedule on the job locked? are you doing finite scheduling?

Sam see if on the Job Header under the quantites mode is set to sequential. If it is unengineer the job, switch to concurrent and try it again

Unfortunately, in order to do that the Advanced Production license would need to be in place and that module has NOT been purchased.