Can't recieve serialized part to stock from a job. Error saying Serial # doesn't have a valid Material Sequence? How to fix?

We are trying to receive a serialized part number to stock from a job, but get the following error message:

Serial number 70012-00260 is not valid for this transaction because:
The Serial Number doesn’t have a valid Material Sequence

How do we get past this obstacle and receive it?

Hi Mike,

Don’t remember in E9, but can you list the serial numbers for the job in Job Tracker and see what sequence it was assigned to?

Do you assign serial numbers ahead of time through the Serial Number Assignment command or do you do it during Labor Entry?

Mark W.

Thanks Mark, the serial numbers are assigned ahead of time….Never seen this error before…

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So for the assembly, the MtlSeq should be zero.

If you go into Serial Number Maintenance, what does it say the MtlSeq is equal to?

Mark W.