Can't trigger Exception on GetMenuId


Have to be missing something simple for this: working on a BPM that would Raise Exception when GetMenuId is called in PO Entry for the “Erp.UIRpt.POMassForm” form. Created a pre-processing directive that triggers when the menuID parameter is equal to the Erp.UIRpt.POMassForm value. During testing, if I use the “Show Message” widget after the condition, it works every time as expected. However, if I instead use the “Raise Exception” widget, nothing happens when performing the same exact steps that triggered when only using the “Show Message” widget.

Any ideas as to why “Show Message” works fine, but "Raise Exception using the exact same condition does not?

Shouldn’t you use menu security instead?

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I would if it was calling a menu. It’s calling a form from within PO Entry/Tracker.

I was able to get this working in a sense, but not with a BPM. Not sure if this is what you were referring to @Jason_Woods, but this worked:

Appreciate the reply!