Capability Priority Opposite?

Has anyone ever seen resources on a capability get assigned the opposite of what Help says?

I am working in test and have a capability with 3 resources. There are only 10 open jobs that are separate releases from an order with different dates. I originally had 1 with a priority of 5 and 2 with a priority of 10. Based on Help, one of the 10 resources should have been scheduled, but the 5 resource was. I changed the 5 to a 15 and ran scheduling again and one of the 10 resources was picked.

This is the first time I have seen this behavior. Has anyone else? Wanted to check here before I opened a ticket.

yes. we use capabilities extensively and for sure the help text is exactly opposite of what really happens.
We did a bunch of testing before go live and found this out.
So the priority is given to the lowest numbered resource.

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Thanks @Eric_Howell . I have only used them “generically” and am switching to actual employees. I guess I never really looked at the output when we implemented the first time.

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yeah we have found capabilities a really streamlined way to manage resources. Since the OPs in a rev are pointing at a somewhat static capibility then the ranking within that capability will be taken up by all OPs using it.
If someone leaves then find the capabiliies they are in and remove them. If someone is hired then as they are trained they will be added.

That is exactly how we are testing to use the capabilities right now. Good to know that you are having a positive experience using them the same way.