Capture Burden for a Resource

We have 2 operators loading on printing machine. The labor and burden for the operators are being captured in Job Costing. I want to capture a burden for the Printing machine. I’ve set up an operation which has 3 resources, 1 Machine (burdened at $40.00/hr) and 2 Operators (labor set to $15/hr and Burden set ti $30/hr). The operators use MES to Start and End Activity. The job costing for the Operators is calculated properly, but no machine burden is shown.


In MES, the users have the option to override the resource. It may be that the resource assigned in scheduling engine is different than the machine they actually use. In MES, make sure the user is logged in to the right operation, resource group, and resource.

There is also a Burden=Labor flag in the Resource group. Check the status of that flag for your resource group that includes the machine.

There is also a field under Site Configuration > Modules > Production > General, called Burden Cost. According to help it:

“When you select this check box, it specifies whether burden costs are calculated using all resources linked to the operations that when you enter labor against an operation with more than one assigned resource. Epicor ERP calculates all resource burden rates against the job, and the total is the sum of these operation burden costs.”

To help diagnose, let’s see you Job Operation and Resource/Group setups.
Good luck!

NateS … There is no Site Configuration > Modules > Production > General > called Burden Cost in the site Config. Could it be elsewhere?

DUH!!! I didn’t go to the Production Tab, pictures are so good for explaining things, :slight_smile:

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