Capture COS/WIP Activity error


When I run the Error when using Capture COS/WIP Activity process, I get a bunch of error messages like this one: “Error: The PartTran:07/07/17:48130:324845::: is locked by Daniel on 07/17/17 0 [Status: Reviewing in 10 RJ].”

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Daniel Cardoso

It sounds like it is pointing you to the review journal, which may point you to the issue.

Brad Boes

Did you try running the conversion program (#10250 in E9)?

The issue was a Plant Transfer GL Control not setup that caused an “inbalanced” journal my error. I cancelled the posting of the journal, fixed the GL Control, re-ran the job and we are fine.

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Great info.
Currently on E10 600.11
Suffered for a whole day trying to find out why my schedule COS/WIP posting was not processing and all because I forgot to check if there were any trans on Journal Review, and there was a COS/WIP transaction locked cause someone on Accounting felt the GL was wrong and inactivate it.

Thank you!

Mario Mancilla

Reactivate the account and process the entry in the review journal.