Case Management


I am looking at potentially implementing case management with a task set to guide the process through.

We have a milestone in the process where a task needs approving for the process to continue and I’m not sure how to model this.

Can anyone save a me a lot of trial and error and let me know whether it is possible to set up approvers on ‘Case Management’ workflow type?

This is a sample task:

I have set the task set up and the tasks are processing in the correct order and appearing in the task list, but I’m not sure how the approvals are routed as the task list record does not have ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ on it.

The approval action on the task list is greyed out.




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I hope this isn’t too late to save you a lot of trial and error. Have you considered having two alternative milestone tasks following the approval task, so that the approver can select the appropriate next milestone depending upon the approval decision? See Branching logic in task set for more detailed discussion.

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Thanks Scott - I had the ‘eureka’ moment re two milestones yesterday, but it is good to have confirmation that this is way to configure it.