Cash Discounts not clearing during lockbox posting process

When the lockbox process is being completed, we are finding customer’s cash discount is just showing as a short payment vs. being coded off to the cash discount account. For example, customer’s invoice is $100 and they are paying $98 (within the discount period - so it is valid) and the $2 not paid is not clearing off the invoice during the lockbox process and when the batch is posted the balance remains open on the invoice. When you review this in Invoice Tracker or Customer Tracker the $2 remains. We need guidance on how to have the $2 clear when the batch is posted.

@jasonjbecker hopefully you received a response by now from Epicor and have been able to make some headway on your issue, but I’ll share what I recently encountered on an EpicCare ticket. In short, if you want to use Lockbox Layout Entry and Lockbox Processing, you need to work with a consultant to get the discount fields added to the Lockbox Layout Entry, record type 4. I am currently working with a consultant and have not yet been successful in getting the field added. Please let me know if you’ve had any success or if you went a different route - thanks!

"Hello Jessica
just to confirm what we talked over the phone , our system will take the File format that comes from the bank if you need to change this file and add additional fields
and we need those fields to be populated also on the Lockbox screen , we will have to work with our custom team

due that we need to make changes to the code in order to take the file with changes that you have made, if we want epicor to consider this file by default
then this will be an enhancement and you can submit this through epicor Ideas"

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