Cash Receipt Allocation

We are on 10.1.500.8.
When we enter the cash receipt, and if we have the allocation details available at that point, system allows us to select invoices and credit notes to allocate against the cash receipt and net off the credit notes and apply it correctly in one go.

But if we enter the cash receipt and if at that point we don’t have the allocation details for cash receipt, we have to put it on the account. Then later on we receive the details of the cash receipt from the customer which is a combination of invoices and credit notes, and now if we like to pick up that cash receipt and try to allocate this to invoices and credit notes, system only allow us to select invoices and not credit notes. we have to select invoices first and apply against the cash receipt. Then we have to pick each credit note separately and link it to the invoice which is very time consuming. also some times credit notes are not linked to invoices they are simply against the customer account.

It seems that system offset credit notes against invoices when you enter the cash receipt as it allows you to select both invoices and cash receipts at the same time. But when you first put the cash receipt on the account and then try to do the allocation, system doesn’t allow to net off credit notes against invoices as it doesn’t allow you to select both invoices and credit notes.

We are a distribution company and cash receipt from a customer some times linked to 100s of invoices and credit notes and customer normally send the net payment. Also mostly cash receipt detail (invoices / credit note numbers and amount) is not available when we receive the cash in our bank, so we have to first put it on the account. This is quite a big issue for us.

I would like to know if others have similar issues and how you cope with it before we go for a system modification.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,