Categorise Parts (warehouse)


I have been trying to find out if it is possible to categorise parts on a job with different categories, making it easier for the warehouse to see which parts needs to be picked, which parts are actually on shelfs (Not sure what the correct term is in english) close to the operators and which are kanban parts.


Parts / Category
xx-x / Picked
xx-xx / Picked
xx-xxx / Kanban
xx-xxxx / Picked
xx-xxxxx / Shelf
xx-xxxxxx / Shelf

Hope it makes sense

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Maybe “Status” is the word you are looking for?
I would offer a dashboard to be able to show what the status is for each part on a job.


Maybe it would :slight_smile:
What kind of dashboard are you offering?

Just revisiting your reply.

What kind of dashboard is it that could show the status for each part on a job

Each status would be calculated from other data. For instance, if a JobMtl record has IssuedComplete = true or if there is an open Purchase Direct PO.

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