CC'ed users being removed from EpicCare support tickets?

For a while, we have had an intermittent issue where we add someone to the “Customer Update List” filed on a support ticket, and at some point, that contact gets removed from the ticket. It took us a while to figure that this was happening, and I don’t actually know for sure if it is still happening, as it’s not something we encounter frequently (but often enough to eventually notice). Has anyone else encountered this issue?

And do we put in a support ticket to say the support ticketing system is broken? :rofl:

I noticed this with my tickets last week. I don’t have a solution.

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Have you figured out when / why it happens? I am not always involved in the support tickets, and it’s easy to miss when you get dropped off a ticket. My technical analyst thought it might be when tickets are escalated. I checked a few tickets this morning, and there are some that I am still CCed on, so it doesn’t look like it happens every time on every ticket. I thought it might have been when there is a response from the support team, but I don’t that is consistent.

No I haven’t figured it out either. I just happened to notice last week. I manually CCed our other guys rather than fussing with the ticket.

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Is it perhaps that the added email addresses don’t match to an existing EpicCare login?

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You can add the contacts back to the ticket - that does work, just not sure when / why they get removed in the first place.

Nope - the contacts work when they are added. They just disappear from the Customer Update List intermittently. And they work when they are re-added. We only typically have two of us on the tickets, and we are both involved with some tickets (as either creator, or CCed).

Is everyone on the ticket using the website or are you using email too? If email, is it possible that the email responses are dropping CC’d people and updating the ticket?

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Hmm - never thought of that, Mark. We use both, so that is a possibility. Will keep an eye on that going forward.

Apparently that’s not the cause, as my tech guy doesn’t use e-mail responses. Good thought regardless.


I will say I’ve seen a lot of changes on the websites over the past couple of weeks. Maybe they’re still in a sprint on updating the support side.

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I don’t know how long the issue has been happening - I would say at least a couple of months, maybe longer. For all I know it may have even been resolved already - I won’t know unless I see it happen again. That’s where I was looking for feedback from the community if anyone else has been encountering the same issue, as it’s pretty specific (and intermittent).

I have a ticket open now where I Cc’d someone who is a user in EpicCare user and it dropped them. Seems something changed.

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I’ve got two cases open. Both I’ve included Epicor employees, and those are still there. I haven’t tried to add someone else from my organization.

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I have opened a ticket with Epicor support for this issue (CS0002281806, if anyone else needs to reference it). Eli still thinks this happens when a case is escalated, and Epicor support makes a change to the ticket. We will test this, and I will post back.

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OK, so we have confirmed that this happened again. It appears the that ticket was transferred to another team and renamed, so I am guessing one of those may be what caused the issue in this particular case. Still waiting for a response from Epicor Support (probably because I flagged the ticket as low priority).

Haven’t seen this happen again, and tech support hasn’t been able to reproduce it. We will keep an eye on it - please post if you are still experiencing the issue.