Change an existing resource group to be Finite

I am trying to change an existing resource group from Infinite to Finite. I have done research and everything states that Checking the Finite box on the Resource in that resource group is what needs to be done. I have done this and the jobs still overload my capacity. Has anyone else run into this? Is there something else I need to do to make this work?

Did you set a finite horizon? If so, what is it?
Does your finite horizon on the plant or site contradict what is on the resource?
Have you rescheduled the overloaded jobs to see if they move?

You may need to re-run the Generate Shop Capacity process after a change like that.

The Finite Horizon is 0 in both area’s.
I created and scheduled the job After I set the resource group to finite and it still overloaded the capacity.

We don’t use the Generate Shop Capacity process. What exactly is this used for?

Set your finite horizon to something that represents how many days you want the resources to be scheduled infinite. In order to circumvent any “hierarchy” rules, I would set the resources AND the plant finite horizon to the same value. We schedule finite for a 2 year period, it works.