Change company of customization

I have quite a few Customizations that are not showing up in Menu Maintenance, however they do exist in the system (confirmed via Customization Maintenance). Through some trial and error I have found out that it is due to the customizations being assigned to a company when they are created. If I set it to “All Companies”, I can then assign it properly via Menu Maintenance.

So, my question is this: How does one change the Company of a customization?

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I don’t think you can change it, maybe someone can follow up on that. But you can copy it to a new one and set that copy to all companies. You’d then have to change your menus to link to that customization.

For what’s it’s worth, the customizations not showing up unless it’s marked as “All Companies” is by design (or so says support).

I read that in another thread here, and I find that to be quite odd, heh.

Looks like I will be Exporting each customization, deleting it, and Importing it (taking care to ensure “All Companies” is selected during that process)

No need to delete. Just select to overwrite the existing. That way you won’t have to reassign the customization in Menu Maintenance.

When I import the file I just exported, it does not ask me to overwrite. It imports it and gives me 2 customizations with the same name.

Good call on this- I recommend export and import at new company. The company seems to be stored within the hashed chunk of the customization in the db, so I’m not sure there’s anything that could easily be done to update it.