Change Date in PO wihout UnAprrove PO

Please Help Me Guys.

in PO Entry Form field Promise Date (POHeader) still available to update when PO already Approved.

so, how I can do make ETA Date like Promise Date (POHeader)??


Have you tried a data directive?

not yet
can you give me example?

I don’t have any handy, but check the online help for data directive, you would probably want to update the eta date field based on the promise date changing from any to any (promise date may be named required date, check the field help).

In this case, why promise date can still enable after PO Approved?
and I cant see in data directive or customization about promise date.

so I must create BPM to update?
but if update by BPM, PO Approved to Unapproved and Approve again its will send email?
because, in our PO Entry if PO Approved will send email to User.

@Mochammad_Sukmo_Aji, apologies I think I misunderstood. You want the field labelled Due Date on the PO Header screen to be editable when the approved flag is set to true?

That functionality is built into the form as far as I am aware with the approval flag being the dependency for the enabled property of the due date field.

We probably need a bit more information as to what you are are trying to achieve. Do you have a situation where you have a user or users who are responsible for updating shipping information/ETAs on POs?

If so it may be that an Updatable Dashboard might be a more appropriate path to take. This would allow them to manage the ETAs on all pending POs/Shipments.

If you have Landed Cost and you use that exclusively, then due dates can be updated in Landed Cost Container Entry.

Please note that Promise Date and Due Dates go down to the PO/Line/Release level.

its ok
correct dude.
I know about due date, but ETA date its column extended UD in PO Detail.
it never impact to cost or another. its just user request for make them easy when create reports.

Oops got it now. So when you change the promise date on the header you want the ETA date to change on all the PO releases?

yaap correct,
I just wanna ETAdate same like a Promise date, it can be update when PO already approved.
because if PO Approved, ETA cant update.

Even if the PO is approved, you can still create a BPM to change Promise Dtae to trigger the update of the ETA field value.

Data Directive should do this. Even the Update Method should do this.

oke thanks guys for your support.
I know what will I do.

Check out the Ice Tools Users guide I am sure there is a section in there on Updating tables Using BPMs

Oke, thanks dude.

I have to say I’m still confused if you update the promise date on the header it prompts you to update the promise date on the releases (yes or no), so why would you want another field?

yess, I know
user need promise date in header and in release, because them need it to reports.
and now them need ETA for internal reports.