Change in the PartRev via DMT without changing the alternate one


I have been asked to change via DMT the Partrev table, but only the primary revision (altmethod = “”)
And inversely, only apply changes to PartRev where altmethod <> “”

How would I go to do this?

I noticed that AltMethod is optional in the required fields. If I specify say Altmethod = ‘0’ in my DMT file, I want it to be a search record value, not to update it…to ‘0’ if current DB value is “”…

I would need to test it later on today…but was wandering if anyone have done it before…

Thanks Pierre

Even though AltMethod is an optional column in DMT, if I recall correctly DMT will use it as a key field when running an update on PartRev (and PartOpr, PartMtl, etc.).

In your example, if you run the PartRev template using the Update setting, it should only update PartRev records with those AltMethod values you specify – it should not update the “blank” AltMethod records.

When updating PartRev, I personally always include the AltMethod column so I can be sure that Epicor is only applying my changes to the one record, even if I’m only changing the base method.

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Thanks for your input, sounded good!

But did some test on a part, specifying AltMethod = “”, and both revisions were modified !

I will open a ticket to Epicor.

I spoke to our head of engineering and he said he’s noticed some alternate methods will sometimes get updated when updating the base revision. This may be why. Thanks for confirming that.

The ECOOpr and ECOMtl tables have fields called “ParentOprSeq” and “ParentMtlSeq”. If these reference sequences in the base method, then changes in the base method will reflect on them. You can change them to 0 to unlink them. (Won’t solve all DMT issues, though, I don’t think.)

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