Change log filtering

So I just learned how to turn on the change logs, and that has been very helpful. One of the things that we want to be able to see is if someone changes something on a job, like a part number or qty or something. The problem is, that if I turn on the change log for the fields that I want, I get a record for everything when it’s first created and then it’s a needle in a haystack problem. The initial creation doesn’t need to be logged. It is possible through the conditions to be able to not write to the change log when details are added through the get details, or append details methods? These are the normal ways things are added to the job for us, and I only want to know when someone changes something or adds something manually (with add material or add assembly).

I don’t see anything in the conditions list that seems to be anything like that, but I probably don’t fully understand all of the options. It looks like I can filter by user which would cut a lot out since it’s me and one other guy adding 99% of the details, but I would still like to know if either of us changed anything too and that method would omit those changes.

Any help would be appreciated.

This is a different table, but the concept should be the same. Put a condition block in above the Change Log block, and use the field changes:


If you do where PartNum has changed from any to another, that should give you what you need.


How do I make the condition know which method was used to do something though? The conditions can look at what rows changed, or what the content was, but I need to omit the original creation through get details, but not any other changes or additions. I can’t figure out how to make the condition do that.

Have you looked at what is being passed to the BPM via callContextClient.ProcessID / callContextClient.AssemblyName for the various methods that trigger this BPM?

That might be a uniquifier for you.

It looks like those are the same for when I get details and change something manually. Bummer, I was hoping that would have done it.

Would this be something that I need to set a BPM flag or something in a method and the change log can key off of that?

I figured out how to key off of the due date field for the condition since they aren’t scheduled until after the initial BOM is built. That should fix that.

Thanks for the help guys.

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