Changing Book

I need to create a new book in a live company due to Major COA re-design. I have not done this since early E10. As I recall, open transactions were problematic. POREL / EntityGLC was the big one, Received Not Invoiced maybe ? I feel like Open AR and Open AP were OK as long as we used same GLC with the new Book Populated. If anyone knows of conversions that can be run or anything, please let me know. If not, I will do POC next week and share what I encounter. Thanks!

Hi Rick,
I did this at the beginning of this year.
(the following is from memory - I didn’t document all my steps from January)

It took me about three solid weeks to get through the conversion using BAQs, DMT, and Fixes from Epicor.

Doing your POC is a must as there are many impacts to changing the book and COA.

AP and AR invoices that were open
Consider closing the invoices as an option or…

  1. Run a fix from Epicor to close the open invoices

  2. Performed an open invoice load with the new book/COA

  3. When creating the new invoices - set up a new starting number that will reference the old number - this will help with applying cash and making payments. Old invoice 53400 New invoice 63400

Open Purchase orders need to have their accounts changed to allow receiving to the new accounts

Did several copies of live to test to validate the approach.

Ask finance to review and test all of the types of Invoices that they have.
Advanced payment, Deposit, shipments, etc. run a BAQ to check for what is out there.

Have finance involved with the testing and approach so you are working as a team to make this happen. It was very stressful, but we got through it.

Look forward to your recap.

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