Changing Burden Rates

We are currently using Vantage 8.03.408B - SQL. In recent discussions we have determined that we need to change our current burden rates for a few of our companies. My question is as follows:

We want to write our burden down on all standard cost
(manufactured) parts in 3 different plants across the board revaluing what is currently
in inventory, correcting the standard cost going forward (in the Cost
Adjustment screen), correct all open job existing transactions, and fixing the
open jobs so that future transactions will be at a new burden rate. This
will be at a slice in time at the end of December. We are currently not
using the cost roll functionality and will not be for this process. Is
there a way to do this process easily, without having to manually change costs
in the Cost Adjustment screen and do job adjustments on all open jobs?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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