Changing Part Type: Popup - "You have changed..." popup

In Part Maintenance, when we change the Type (e.g. from Manufacturered to Purchased ), the following popup shows up. For some reason I cannot find what BPM fires this and the trace log hasn’t helped me…

Now I’m curious, is this popup a customization, or a feature?


Its a feature. MRP looks at the part site record for things such as part type, non-stock, quantity bearing so that if you change that on the part detail it warns you whether or not you want the part site record updated to match. In companies where they have multi-site you can have same part number at different sites as different part types, quantity versus non quantity bearing but if you are single site you would want any changes you make to the part detail to be updated on the part site record


Thank you! I can end my quest to find out what customization was running :grinning: