Changing PO Type after Order Creation

Is it possible to change PO Type after it’s been created and prior to any receipt of goods? Ex: Order created as “Standard” but wanting to change it to “Supplier Managed”, or vice versa.


If no transactions have been done against it, you should be able to. But as with everything, the answer is, “It depends…”

  • Try unchecking the Approved checkbox on the PO, save, then try making the changes. Don’t forget to re-Approve it.
  • Some things that might cause problems:
    • PO requires approval due to PO limits.
    • PO is linked to an order (By To Order), Job

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried unapproving the PO and the “Type” is greyed out, no changes can be made. The PO does not have approvals and it is not ordered to job.

Did you save the PO after unchecking the Approved box? I think this is one of the quirky screens that requires a save to update the form’s so fields can be edited.

To go through this hassle, I would say do a DMT instead. What are we talking about ? Is it one PO? If so then @ckrusen is right. But if there are multiple PO. Try doing it with a DMT.