Changing Resource Groups based on Config selections

Up until this point, all of our production work takes place in Bays, one employee starts the job, and completes all of the associated operations prior to QC. Production is now opening up a different type of bay called “Quick turn”(new resource group). The difference between the 2 groups is that the new group will get jobs with under a certain amount of hours on them(10hrs or less). Can I direct the Config to switch resource groups based on the sum on the hours on the job? I’m assuming I can do that via the “Keep when” rule, but that would require another operation. I don’t want another Op, I just want to switch Resource Groups. I’ve been playing with the Target entities, and came across “ECOOpr.APSSpecificResource”. Is this relevent to what I’m trying to accomplish?

Are you trying to do this through data changes, or by editing the methods? Is your part listing substantial? And, will an increased quantity of an item drive the hours to >10 and have you make a part in the “not quick turn” cell?

That’s where I’m stuck, I don’t exactly know how to accomplish the needed result. My parts don’t play into this, just where the work is done. All quanties are 1, and can’t have more, so no QTY changes. We are a Truck upfitter. We get Cab and Chassis from the big 3 makers, and we install service bodies( Goose neck and flatbed platforms, as well as service bodies. We have numerous “install options”. The number of selected installs will determine if the job hits the 10hr mark.

Well, it sounds like the jobs might have to be edited individually. I can’t help on the configurator part, but I’m sure someone else here can.

What I was trying to determine is if you were talking about 100 parts, or 100,000. But, if an item will go into one cell or the other depending upon options (but has the same actual part number, thereby having the same method), you may not have a lot of good choices.

I’m sure someone else can weigh in, this forum is a tremendous resource.

Right now, I have around 50K parts in my child table. I just went out to production and talked to the guys, and they don’t seem to think it’s going to work with the criteria I was given by sales. Imagine that. I’m beginning to feel like this shouldn’t be done during the configuration, but by my scheduler.

Depends on how many jobs you release per day. I schedule individual jobs daily at my current gig, but it’s 40 jobs on a very heavy day, so it’s manageable.

We schedule finitely here, and making everything fit can be a challenge. But, I will schedule individual operations if that is what it takes. If we released 100+jobs per day, it would likely be unmanageable, so I’m lucky in that regard.

I’m thinking that I may try to make it happen by adding the extra Operation, and setting the “Keep When” rules to keep the QT op,if the ProdStd is 10 or less.

Whoosh - you’ll have to explain that one to me at a later time!