Changing Site/Plant via Button Click

I saw 1 post on this before, but it never received an answer, so I figured I’d throw it out there again.

Does anyone know of a way that we could implement a button (preferably on the handheld UI) to swap Sites/Plants?

For example, we have some handheld folk that have to work in both of our Plants/Site in 1 of our companies (One site for Manufacturing, the other for distribution). To accomplish this in 9 we had to give them 2 employee IDs, and 2 Logins with only that specific plant as an allowed login. None of these folks have access to the desktop client to be able to facilitate a switch.


Simply set the plant id that you want on the session

Hi Jose,

How exactly would I accomplish that? I have to admit my experience is on the admin side, not on the dev side, so I’m not sure how we would go about doing that?


I think its like this:

//import Ice.Core.Session
var sesh = (Ice.Core.Session)oTrans.Session;
sesh.PlantID = "YourPlant";

Chris is right but frankly changing and or messing with your session without having the understanding to do so sounds like a really bad idea. You said you don’t have experience in this area I suggest you contact someone who may be able to help you. CSG, Consulting, Partner etc…

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