Changing Sites (Plants) automatically?

Anyone know if it is POSSIBLE to change SITE ID (Plants) with a BPM? If so, how?

What I really want to do is make the system automatically switch Sites when you right-click on a job that is in a different site… for example:

  1. sales order entered for three different line items, with MTO parts made in three different sites…
  2. three different jobs created in three different sites.
  3. want to right-click on the three jobs from the sales order and update those jobs.

You can modify the Plant in the session (on the UI side) I believe… Not sure how that would work on a BPM,

Well… thanks for the idea (and quick reply)… tried the simple line of code in C# to change the callContextClient.CurrentPlant value… it is read only:

There is a session back there too @timshuwy. but I would really recommend change it on the front end (customization) and not in a BPM

Can easily get into trouble but doable…
EDIT: This does not achieve what you are trying to do but is a way to change plant within BPM and not in the session the way I think you are hoping for

using (CallContext.Current.TemporarySessionCreator.SetPlantID("UH-OH Different Plant").Create())


In actual fact that’s a feature that would be nice to have a in a few other areas. One that springs to mind in PO’s we have one team that creates import POs for the whole company and changing the site on the PO does not automatically make the PO receivable in the correct site. So unless we are just using things incorrectly. I guess the thing is you could tie the code to the site button click on the PO.

How would I do this in a form in code?

I am looking to make an “Easy Button” in the main MES customization to change the site so the current user doesn’t have to log out, change the site and log back in.