Chart Tracker issue

I have an issue I’ve never experienced. My Movement Summary debits do not equal my Transaction Detail debits for December. Of course, it is for AR and it needs to tie out for year-end! I’ve dumped the Transaction Detail to Excel and analyzed every transaction - all are correct. Why would the Movement Summary not show transactions??? Where do I look? I’ve run out of things to check. Thanks!!!

whoah, same issue here! I haven’t dug into it much, but we have a parts order for a couple hundred bucks that has a material cost of $200k+. All of the part transactions, PO, Invoice, and any other normal data shows correct, but the GL moves are really odd.

Tricia and Brandon,

Sorry to revive a very old topic, but this is exactly the issue that we are seeing now and I’m wondering if either of you were able to resolve the issue when you encountered it. If you were, and can still recall how you did so, would you please reply to let me know.


I would verify balances to see if that resolves the issue.

We’ve already tried that remedy and it had no impact. Any other suggestions?

Not that I can think of here. I would have to dive in and see what was going on. Sorry.


Try doing a BAQ to GLJrnDtl for that segment or transactions and review that the trialacct and balanceacct are correct (with all the segments of the account).

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What version are you on. We have an account not balancing as well that I need to check with accounting if it could be a similar issue. We are on 10.2.400.5

Thanks, Dora. I’ve done what you suggested and both BalanceAccount (all three segments) and TrialAccount (chart segment only) are correct
for all records. I had already created a BAQ for GLJrnDtl records to review the DailyBalFlag, PerBalFlag and TBFlag fields (all of which were correct, too), so it was easy to add the additional fields that you suggested for review.

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With the help of Epicor Support, we finally resolved this issue. Ultimately, the Verify Balances process actually fixed the problem, but it was necessary to run the process for only the affected fiscal period rather than the entire fiscal year.

Hi Dora, Could you explain to me what they are used for or what the fields work: Per Bal Flag TBFlag Daily Bal Flag