CheckDtl - APTran - TranGLC - Voided Check But No Negatives

Usually when you Void an AP Check it will automatically create negative APTran records with Voided = true. The CheckHed will usually always show the CheckAmt what it would have been.

Has anyone ever come across a CheckHed with Voided = true - CheckAmt: 0.00 yet it has APTran records which are voided but none are negative.

In addition usually when you void a check it writes to TranGLC additional rows “AP Check Void” but I have a batch of checks that just have somehow never recieved the “Void and give me some negative numbers” signal.

I am wondering how I can replicate that.

Simple Terms: How can I create a APTran record related to CheckHed which has Voided = true, but no negative number. (Both CheckHed and APTran must have a single record).