Checklist for new install to mirror Test

What are the main checklist items for a new install on a separate server instance so that it mirror’s one of our Test environment. After installing Epicor, what else should we be checking? i.e. task agent URL, Server and Client file copy over, etc.

Here is the script I use that I got from somewhere on the group. it changes ports, server, set the company name with the date of the restore, sets the default color and removes scheduled task that do not need to run in test.



USE EpicorTest905;

Declare @RestoreDate As Date

Set @RestoreDate = (Select top 1 trandate from PartTran order by SysDate_ desc )

UPDATE COMPANY SET NAME = ‘Dev Test Database’+CONVERT(varchar,@RestoreDate,101) WHERE COMPANY = ‘COMP01’ ; --UPDATE NAME HERE!!

SET APPSERVERURL = ‘AppServerDC://localhost:9423’,
MFGSYSAPPSERVERURL = ‘AppServerDC://localhost:9425’,
FileRootDir = ‘\svr-dapp\epicordata,E:\EpicorData,\svr-dapp\epicor905\server’

        WHERE AGENTID = 'SystemTaskAgent';

SET Chunk = ‘GREEN’
WHERE (ProductID = ‘ep’) AND (TypeCode = ‘epitheme’) AND (Key1 = ‘default’);

delete from SysAgentTask
where TaskDesc like ‘Process%’ or TaskDesc like ‘Auto%’ or TaskDesc like ‘Rep%’
or TaskDesc like ‘Fill%’ or TaskDesc like ‘Back%’ or TaskDesc like ‘BAQ%’ or TaskDesc like ‘Stoc%’
or TaskDesc like ‘I%’ or TaskDesc like ‘Gen%’ or TaskDesc like ‘Work%’ or TaskDesc like ‘Work%’
or TaskDesc like ‘Mat%’ or TaskDesc like ‘Open%’ or TaskDesc like ‘Sal%’ or TaskDesc like ‘AR%’


How or where do you specify the folder directories for the server and client during a new install? Do these get created during the install process?

During the install they were created. Below from the 905 install guide

I’ve never done a second install. I just clone the app and sql servers and rename them.


How do you “clone the app” if you don’t first install it as a stand alone instance on a separate server?

Do we need to also recompile our custom codes? We are getting the error message below. Is it possible that our server and client files are not stored at the correct default location?


I would download the upgrade guide and follow it for all of the mass recompiles that need to be done. Find this guide Epicor905_SPGuide_905702_SQL.pdf on EpicWeb and review section 8.3 – 8.8

I take the live virtual server and either down and copy it or use our backup software to restore it to a new virtual environment.

The person that did the new install accepted all the defaulted prompts where it prompted to save the server and client files. So i’m not sure why it is still erroring if it should be pointing to the default location or where can i change where it defaults to find the server and client files within Epicor?

Do all of the section 8 recompiles and that will get you closer. In your task agent you can see the directories that were setup.

Where do we look in the task agent? Are you referring to in the management console? Also, do you have a separate client file location for customizations or do you put it in the default Epicor905\Client folder location?

Sorry, System Agent.

I import customizations thru customization maintenance and it stores them.