Cirrus Upgrade

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone completed a Cirrus upgrade recently and how long did it take from start to finish? I would appreciate in insight of what to expect from the Users side.

Thanks in advance.


It’s highly dependent on the size of your database and how many versions you are converting through. It could take an hour or it could take 4 days. We went from 10.1.600 to 2021 in 8 hours - 200gb database.

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As @aosemwengie1 mentioned, it’s HIGHLY variable. DB size, number of versions you’re jumping, specific modules you’re using, etc

I’ve got several upgrades going at the moment. Just checking a couple random ones:

  • One took under an hour
  • One took about 4 hours
  • Another is on day 2 and still not complete.

That being said, if you put a knife to me I’d say the average time is around 4 hours.

Bear in mind, it’s not just a matter of waiting for scripts to complete. If errors are encountered, the cirrus team will actually do hands-on investigation, apply patches, make manual corrections, etc. This can SUBSTANTIALLY effect the timing.


I am just trying to get a reference as Epicor makes everything sound like it’s the best thing since slice bread. We are moving from E9 to Kinetic. Thanks for your reply.

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It all depends, I ran 3 passes on the database that is roughly 40GB in size compressed from E10 to Kinetic. 1st pass took 4 hours, 2nd pass took 5 hours and 3rd pass took 8 hours.


Hello TobyLai,
Where is the software loaded? Is it loaded on your machine?
Thanks for the information.


If you are upgrading from E9, it absolutely is. You download and install a small app (database packer), select the database to upgrade, and the tool automatically transfers the database up to Epicor’s servers and automatically performs the conversion there with no further effort on your part. Of course there is a ton of work once you get the converted database back, but you would have to do that work anyway if you did the conversion yourself.

What is the alternative you are comparing to? Would you hire a consultant to perform the conversion manually or do it yourself? Have you ever tried to do an upgrade from E9 yourself before?

@RC2020 I would do the free part of the upgrade services to see where things can be trimmed pre conversion. I am looking at my 2018 analysis. I had 23 million rows in the sysactivity table. 6 million change log records.

Even trimming those tables my 9 to 10 took 20ish hours on prem and as @Waffqle_De_LaCroix points out the team at this point have done a couple of conversions already.

I think Alisa had already answered your question. I think E9 was using another type of Database called Progress. So I am not sure if you need another tool for it. The database packer allows you to select the following options:


For me, I have a script that backup the database, so I just use a backup I already have. You have to select the version of SQL you are using, then you have to click the Upgrade Database button.

I installed the Database packer on my application server, but I think you can install it on the SQL server itself will work as well.

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In 2021 we jumped from 9.05 to 10 hosted using the Cirrus Upgrade, Solution Manager to transfer in converted items. Believe me I’m usually the first person to complain out Epicor stuff but I will admit the process was shall we say, “best thing since slice bread.” If you have any questions about specifics please post. We uploaded on a Friday Night at 6:00 PM, the conversion was finished by 8:00 Sunday Morning. We worked on a Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5 PM to load all the solution manager items. We had hundreds of BAQs, Reports, Dashboards, etc. since we were running Epicor Vantage since 1997. We kept the classic screens. We even set the screen color default to Blue so the conversion was almost transparent to our end users.

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Hello Patrick,

Was the Cirrus done as an upload to the cloud or was it on prem? Does Epicor offer a Cirrus solution on prem? How large was the Database you converted? I am just trying to get an estimate of time required as we have only 65gb of data.

Thanks in adavance.

We uploaded. We went from 9 in a progress db to SQL. We were less than 100gb in progress but it did grow considerably moving to SQL, not my problem now since they host it. The first pass told us how long it would take. Epicor improved on that number by automating things further. I’m sure they ran into errors, etc. We purged the change log during the conversion just to tidy things up.