Classic back to Kinetic not working

We were having an issue in 23.1 with AP Invoice Entry and as a test, switched from Kinetic to Classic. We cannot change back to Classic. All settings show that we have selected Kinetic but it still opens in Classic view. If I have “Developer” set to ON, we get a message in classic view that a new form is available and clicking that will open it in Kinetic. The issue is that only works that one time. Next time we go in, it opens in Kinetic. I had a case in with EpiCare but they could not solve it. Has anyone else seen this? Anyone solve it? Thanks.

Run this BAQ
MenuTest.baq (15.8 KB)

or create your own:

	[Menu]. Select Everything LOL
from Ice.Menu as Menu
where (Menu.MenuDesc = 'AP Invoice Entry')

Check these fields:
Arguments → " - KineticUI"
WebResourceUrl(Url) → “metafx/#/view/Erp.UI.APInvoiceEntry”
DefaultFormType → Options are BASE, DEFAULT, or URL

What does yours say for these?

Thanks. I ran the BAQ and the results are attached. For the first two parameters, mine is the same as what you have listed. For Default Form Type it shows “Default”.

Query Results.xlsx (5.8 KB)

Ok, in the Client, Click Settings → Preferences - Set Form To Use to ‘User Choice’
Press OK.

I would go ahead and clear the cache, and exit.

Get back in and see what happens.

Thanks. How do I clear the cache? We are server based, not using the internet/cloud.

It’s the client cache, should be an option under settings called ‘Clear Client Cache’

Got it. It worked! Thanks for your help!!