Clean up old Customer Ship-To addresses?

Does anybody have a way to clean-up/hide old unused Customer Ship-To addresses? Some of our customers have had quite a few one-off or no longer relevant Ship-To addresses and it is annoying the Sales Team to have to sort through a bunch of irrelevant options to find the relatively few that are still in use. I’m assuming that they cannot be deleted since there will be old shipments referencing them and I’m not seeing any “inactive” flags that can be set. So has anybody come up with a slick way of dealing with this? Thanks!

Once there is a transaction against them… I think you’re stuck with them.
(Like any record in E10)

The only thing I’ve used to deal with these types of records
is to add a prefix to the name/description…
e.g. “zzz” so it’s more obvious when something is inactive, shouldn’t be used.
(and in the case of a lot of lists in E10, they will auto-sort alphabetically, drop to the bottom )

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Thanks Bruce - we’d considered adding a prefix to help distinguish what’s no longer relevant but was wondering if there was a better way.

We added a user defined field “Inactive” and use that to filter out the list of ship to’s. We created quick searches that filter on this new field.