Cleaning Up Data

I am in the process of deleting users no longer with the company, deactivation of parts, customers and vendors in the system until they can be purged off the system.

My question is I noticed some users say they are tied to a purchase order but the purchase order is closed or no longer in the system. Doesn’t Epicor stamp the user to the PO Table or does it just link the user table to the PO?
Does that mean I have to wait until the PO is purged or the PO that is no longer on file is file corruption?

Does anyone do a yearly clean up of data? If so, what is the best procedure for maintaining the system. I appreciate your assistance.

Thank you in Advance.

While you can delete users, it is better to deactivate them instead. The Customers, Vendors, and Parts cannot be deleted if you have used them (meaning that there is a record with it in the system).
The Purge process is a little hairy. I can’t speak to the effectiveness of it nor the safety.
Additionally, since you are on E9, do you plan on moving to E10? If so, then you can re-implement and not bring in the old data.

Hello Jason,

Due to the amount of legacy data, I plan to import the active data and leave the old information on the E9 for historical reference. I originally worked with Epicor’s M2K. Which I would purge all data over 7 years and never had user records of employees no longer with the company in the ERP. The database would record user information and hold it in the table like SOH (Sales Order Header). So user data was only used to enter the system and record the transaction against the function.

So does Epicor 10 have you keep users and data forever or is there a purge process to keep the data updated and system clean as possible?

Thanks in advance.


Short answer, yes. It is likely best to get better hardware than to try to purge data. Additionally, the tables most often do not contain duplicated data from their source. For instance, the OrderHed table only contains a CustNum field which points to the Customer table. You can’t remove a customer without removing all of their orders, invoices, shipments, etc. If you remove those then other tables will be missing details too.

Before going down the path of re-implementation or upgrade, please consider the effort involved in getting system up and running in E10. If you wish to change the Chart Of Accounts, UOM, Part Numbers, etc it is a good opportunity to re-implement. If you are concerned with the legacy data or inactive records only, you can explore the option of developing few BPMs to supress display in search.