Clicking Refresh Doesn't Update Customization

I have a child UD table linked to a standard form (Order Entry). I successfully established the relationship where it pulls in the info from the UD table based on the linked fields. However, I have one small defect I am hoping someone can help with.

When I add a line and run my product configurator for my configured part, information gets created in the UD table. So the first time I do this, the UD table doesn’t have any data in it and it shows blank in my form (which makes sense). However, after the configuration happens, that data now exists in the UD table. But I can’t get it to show up on my customized tab without closing the form and relaunching. Refresh doesn’t work. Is there something else I need to do to refresh the tab?

Is it linked to the OrderNum or OrderNum and OrderLine?

If the OrderLine too, does it refresh when changing lines?

And I recall there being a setting for when to refresh (either Auto, or with a Retrieve button), when creating the child with the Wizard.


Correction … The choice is when adding a dashboard via the Sheet Wizard, not when linking the UD table as a child.


Both OrderNum and OrderLine.
When I switch lines and go back to the original line the data is there.

That may be acceptable.

Do you think this affects how it responds?

this._edvUD38.AddEnabled = false; 

I don’t want people adding rows to the table this way. It’s only meant to be added through my BPM or Configurator.

One of the options in the Sheet Wizard - > Add dashboard, is to include a retrieve button. You could do that on another form - as a test - to see what kind of code it creates, than manually reproduce that in your form. The wizards are notoriously “one direction”, as in they can add code to your customization, but aren’t very good at removing it, or altering it once it’s done. That’s why I suggested making a test form that you can later disacrd.