Client disconnects

I am having one workstation experiencing random disconnects from the Epicor server
and a message box pops up sometimes… What is the IP address listed in the message box??


it is IP address of the epicor10 machine. and :808 is a port number for tcp connection

but it isn’t the ip address of the epicor server - we use private ip addresses and that is a public address :confused:

Could your dns be flaky? Try hard coding the client to the server ip address as a test?

We have a logon script that flushes the DNS, but I entered the ip address of the epicor10 server in the client hosts file. I will keep an eye on this

I just heard about a new DNS service sponsored in part by IBM that is supposed to help curb DNS spoofing and is currently free. I’ve been using it at home ( then Google’s and the speed is decent here. Might be worth a try if you’re concerned with DNS spoofing.

Mark W.