Client update from 8.03.407 to 8.03.408

Client should update automatically upon launch on whatever machine it is
running. It will usually take several minutes for the update to occur
while vantage downloads the new version to the client machine.

Also, I am assuming that after you ran you change schema, you ran the
Admin Session on the server in order to run database conversions as well
as initiated a client session on the server before attempting to run a
client on a different machine.

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We just started using Vantage. Yesterday we made Vantage update for the first time (8.03.407 to 8.03.408). By following instructions we installed required updates on server. Now we realized that no update was made on client (we use Remote Desktop Connection). Obviously, Vantage cannot be run.

Where to find instructions how to update client?

Thank you for your help.