Clocking on capability

When a capability has moved an operation from one resource group to another, and we desire to run it on the original equipment (due to additional machine availability), how does an employee clock the operation and specify the resource? We use MES to clock.

When we use the override button, the resource isn’t captured, and the employee is blocked from entering the resource even when we specify a different resource group via the override.

We only encounter problems when the capability specifies a resource that is not in the original group due to scheduling conflicts.

Help, please. Thanks in advance!

I have not tested it, but if you select the resource on Start Activity, it does not save it?


It generates an error, which can be overridden by using the override button, and changing resource group. But, when we then enter the resource, it does not accept it, and will not save the resource number on the labor entry.

Interesting. I wonder if there is a setting somewhere as I just tested and was able to select one without using the override button. It just prompted me that I needed to change the Resource Group and asked if it was ok to do so. I clicked yes and that was it.

Did you re-enter the resource when finalizing the entry? We get this error…

Does that resource have the capability to perform the task? Are there other resources that have that capability that you could test? I know how confusing the capabilities can get, so I would check to make sure that the specific capability that the scheduling engine used to determine that resource. Then double check that the other resource has the same capability.

We can change the resource group through the override button, but it still does not allow entry of the resource. Generates an “Resource not in capability” error. Our finance group indicates that field has to be populated.

If you think about it, having a resource spelled out in the capability doesn’t make sense.

Capability to offload Machine A to Machine B or C:
When A is overloaded, look at B, then look at C.
If we then looked at A again, we’ll get circular logic. I can envision MRP locking up solid trying to schedule Machine A again, after looking for time on B or C because machine A is overloaded.

Maybe the fact that I am thinking about it is the problem…

I’m wondering if what is happening is like the following.

Capability A has Resources Y & Z
Capability B has Resource Z

Employee clocks in thinking that the scheduling system picked Z for A when it actually picked Z for B. That’s why you are getting the error, because Y is not in B.

We found the problem This is for future users who apply Capabilities to their operations.

When creating a capability (such as Offload Machine A to Machines B or C,) make sure that ALL machines are listed in the capability grid, including the machine that you intend to offload from. So, the grid for this capability would look like this:
Machine C - Priority 3 (first machine offloaded to)
Machine B - Priority 2 (second machine offloaded to)
Machine A - Priority 1 (original machine offloaded FROM).

When set up in this manner, clocking through MES is allowed, and the operator can specify the resource. The error seems to be related to the original resource being offloaded not being called out in the grid.