Close Receipts/Packing Slips - Year End


Wanted to see how other companies handle this. We are Closing out all Open POs that are no longer needed from prior years. Using the DMT tool to handle this and making it part of YE procedures.

Is there anything that can be done with old PackingSlips/Receipts? Doesn’t appear to be a way to close them out, so I am guessing we must delete on a one-off basis. When I was on Peoplesoft at a prior company they had a Close Receipt process, so was looking for something similar.


@littlesistersba I don’t know about automation, but there is a manual GRNI process to clear out receipts that were never invoiced.

That would actually be a great idea. Do you know the process name or menu? Thank you

@littlesistersba In AP Invoice Entry at the bottom of the New items is New Manual clearing. I went to EpicCare to find the KB number and found a mass clearing is possible. Look at KB KB0051836

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