Closed Job Report

I have a report in Report Builder that prints Closed/Completed Jobs
within a specific date range, similar to the Vantage Production
Detail report. It shows Actual and Standard Labor, Burden, Material,
and Unit costs; all based on Quantity Completed. Management wants to
use this to see the difference between the Actual and Standard to get
a Profit/Loss Status. It was a pretty complex report to set up (for
me, anyway!), and seemed to be working fine. Then someone realized
there are a couple problems with my report.

1) That only very few of the job quantities weren't correct. Turns
out that the QtyCompleted in the JobHeader isn't always updated. I
talked to Support and don't totally understand their logic; but,
they're updating this field based on specific steps happening. I see
the problem on parts where we have sub-assemblies, and multiple
operations. I'm not sure I'm stating this right, but; if the
JobAsmbl.FinalOpr=0, then the JobHeader.QtyCompleted is correct;
otherwise, I have to pull the quantity from the corresponding
operation marked as final (JobAsmbl.FinalOpr=JobOper.OprSeq).

2) They want to include the subassemblies figures also; but, to get
the Labor and Burden Costs, they want me to use the Labor and Burden
from the main part; then total up the Total Costs of the
subassemblies to get the Material Cost.

Whew! Sounds like more than I can do in Report Builder?! Anyway,
would anyone have any suggestions, or (even better!) already have a
report similar to this?

Denise Brown